Top 3 Celebrity Sex Tapes of All Time

If you were born on planet Earth and have access to the media, chances are you've heard about these private sex tapes that are occasionally leaked online.  Celebrities are a constant source of rumors, gossip and paparazzi.  It's no wonder that their sex tapes also garner incredible attention.  If you've ever heard of names like Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton, chances are their names were also attached to the words "sex tape".  These celebs ended up famous partly because of their raunchy personal lives being bombarded onto the web. Seeing someone you're used to seeing fully clothed in the tabloids suddenly in their most intimate moments appeals to almost every person's curiousity. Today we're going to break down the top 3 celebrity sex tapes of all time!

1.) Kim Kardashian

The queen of manipulation really pulled off the ultimate stunt in 2007.  Kim and her then boyfriend Ray J (who is also a celebrity, to a lesser degree) decided to film themselves getting down to business on cam.  The Kim Kardashian sex tape exploded across the Internet, long before she was a household name.  Many people first learned of Kardashian from her hit TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashian's.  Before that, she was relatively unknown.  Perhaps the Karadshian last name rung a bell (hint: OJ Simpson), but that was about it.  We are guessing her friendship with Paris Hilton (number three on our list) likely gave Kim the inspiration for her own private video.  The tape was sold to Vivid Entertainment for the amazing sum of five million dollars.  Talk about getting off to the right start!

2.) Pam Anderson

Before the Internet was a household item, the Pam and Tommy sex tape was one of the first sex videos to ever be leaked online.  The tape was shot with an old 8mm camera, but the quality is still quite nice.  The Pam and Tommy was, until very recently, the highest grossing sex tape of all time.  Pam is not camera shy, and gives the well-endowed Tommy Lee an amazing blowjob - and then some awesome hardcore sex.  Pam has a beautiful pussy, we'll say that much!

3.) Paris Hilton

Paris may have the IQ of a hamster, but she's smart enough to know that her good looks are sought after.  Paris Hilton exploded onto the scene with her tape, titled 1 Night In Paris.  Her sex partner in the tape was Rick Salomon. Some of the tape is shot in night vision, and Paris seems to be on the more submissive side in bed.  She can take Rick's monster dick, though!  Probably the most talked about scene involves Paris blowing Rick. This is some quality stuff.  If you're into seeing famous hotel chain brats get slammed on camera, the Paris Hilton tape is right up your alley baby!